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Coconut water recipes to help you stay hydrated this summer

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If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to your usual summer go-to drinks and tired of the same old water, look no further than the international aisle of your grocery store for a can of Canada’s favourite coconut water, Grace, an all-natural drink with healthy nutrients to keep you hydrated and refreshed no matter what you’re doing.

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“Coconut water is rich in electrolytes,” explains Alexandria Mottley, an assistant brand manager at Grace Foods. “When we exercise or exert ourselves physically, we tend to lose electrolytes like potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.”

In fact, a 310 ml serving of coconut water can replace over 600 mg of potassium and six per cent of your daily recommended calcium and iron.

For the past 15 years, Jamaica’s Grace Foods has been selling coconut water in stores across Canada, outselling its competitors by volume at a rate of two to one.

“It’s straight from the coconut. We don’t add anything. It’s 100 per cent pure coconut water,” says Mottley. “It’s the closest thing you’re going to get to slicing the coconut yourself and putting a straw in it.”


Grace Foods’ coconut water is harvested straight from coconuts, immediately flash pasteurized then shipped to Canada”, says Mottley. It’s also fat-free, lactose-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and GMO-free.

“It doesn’t have any added sugar, but it does have a bit of sweetness to it naturally as it is a drupe [a fleshy fruit] so it does have some naturally occurring flavour which is nice for people who are tired of regular water.”

This makes coconut water suitable for everyone, notes Grace Foods Marketing Manager Ilisa Chacon. “Children can drink it. The elderly can drink it. So can pregnant women and breastfeeding women. It’s really good for everybody.”

Mottley says that some brands of coconut water are made from concentrate, but Grace is not. Concentrate is made from boiling down the coconut water after it’s harvested into a syrup then reconstituting it with water before packaging it. Some flavour and nutrients are lost in the process.

Grace Foods

Grace Foods Canada Inc.

Mottley notes lots of people like to drink coconut water straight from the can, but it’s a great option to give a hint of sweetness and electrolyte-boost to smoothies.



Some people even substitute water with coconut water when boiling rice for extra flavour. “You could also use it in your cocktails,” she said.

To help you kick off your summer, here are some coconut water cocktail ideas that will transport you back to the islands.


Coconut Water and Rum

 What you’ll need:

1 part Appleton Estate reserve

2 parts Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water

lime garnish

Grace Foods


1) Place rum and coconut water in a glass

2) Serve mixture topped with garnish and ice


Ginger Spice Colada

What you’ll need:

1 tbsp fresh ginger, skin removed

⅓ cup Grace Coconut Milk

¾ cup Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water

1 frozen banana

1 ½ cups frozen pineapple chunks

Grace Foods


1) Place all ingredients in a blender

2) Serve mixture in a glass


Coconut Mojito

What you’ll need:

1 oz simple syrup

9 mint leaves

½ lime

2 oz white rum

2 oz Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water

2 oz club soda

3 ice cubes

Grace Foods


1) In a cocktail glass muddle the mint leaves with the simple syrup and the freshly squeezed juice from half a lime.

2) Add ice cubes, rum, Grace 100% Pure Coconut Water and finish with a splash of club soda.

3) Garnish with a slice of lime.



For more information, visit gracefoods.ca/coconut-water or for more recipe inspiration, check out facebook.com/GraceCoconutWaterCA


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