QR Calgary: Crack The $10K QR Code

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Your knowledge of current events could put $10,000 CASH in YOUR pocket. Being informed never felt so good!

Starting January 16, listen at 7a.m., 12p.m., 4p.m., and 7p.m. for your chance to play.

Our crack-QR hosts will pose a trivia question, and caller SEVEN to 403-974-8255 has their chance to get one step closer… to $10,000

The trivia questions will be based around current events or topics being discussed on QR Calgary, if you’re tuned in (which you will be, right?) you’ll ace these questions!

Answering the trivia question correctly punches your ticket to our Finale Event at The Deerfoot Inn & Casino where one person will crack the code and win the cash.

PLUS there are plenty of prizes to be won, from tickets to appliances, but only ONE will crack the $10K QR CODE!

CRACK THE $10K QR CODE powered by The Deerfoot Inn & Casino!

Please enter before Friday, March 10, 2023 7:00pm MT