BC 1

B.C.'s first 24 hour news channel


B.C.'s first 24 hour news channel

B.C.'s first 24 hour news channel


Led by a team of anchors, alongside a seasoned team of reporters and producers, Global News: BC1 has put the pieces in place to ensure viewers are kept up-to-date on breaking news as it happens.

An innovative “L-frame” display at the bottom and side of the channel’s screen will carry the day’s top headlines, as well as weather, sports and traffic information to keep viewers informed.

The channel also broadcast all local Global BC newscasts and feature regular content and reports from the station’s entire roster of award-winning anchors and journalists.

Through its decades-old connections with key charities, businesses and community groups, Global News: BC1 will also air both daily news coverage as well as the community events and happenings that shape the province.