• House votes down motion demanding Senate pass farmers’ carbon tax exemption
    The motion Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre brought forward on Tuesday got NDP support, but it was defeated on Wednesday afternoon when the Bloc and Liberals voted against it.
    Nov 29
  • Poll says three in four want Trudeau to go, but Trudeau insists he’ll stay
    The Conservatives have a 16-point lead. Three-quarters of the country think it's time for a change. But Justin Trudeau is vowing to fight Pierre Poilievre in the next election.
    Nov 29
  • ‘Kick them out’: Poilievre responds to revelations on Iranian interference in Canada
    Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre said he was shocked at the extent of Iranian interference in Canada revealed in a recent Global News investigation.
    Nov 13
  • Poilievre urges feds to block RBC’s $13.5B takeover of HSBC over competition concerns
    Pierre Poilievre said the loss of British-owned HSBC's Canadian division will exacerbate issues in Canada's banking sector, which he said is already overly concentrated.
    Oct 20
  • MPs vote down Poilievre’s push to expand carbon price pause
    MPs voted Monday to reject a motion by Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre to have Ottawa extend its carbon price pause to all forms of home heating.
    Nov 6
  • Poilievre praises Sask. for carbon tax fight
    Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre made his pitch to Saskatchewan conservatives on Saturday, pledging better relations with Western Canada should he become the next prime minister.
    Nov 4
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  • Carbon price pause could become a wedge issue in Parliament. Here’s how
    Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says he will bring forward a motion on Monday to pause the carbon price for all forms of home heating and not just heating oil.
    Nov 1
  • Conservatives promise unanimous support for national carbon tax pause
    Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is challenging the minority Liberal government to remove federal surcharges on all home heating energy.
    Oct 29
  • Pierre Poilievre condemns Hamas during Okanagan stop
    'We unreservedly condemn Hamas for this attack,' Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said on Wednesday.
    Oct 11
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  • COMMENTARY: When a big lead in the polls isn’t quite what it seems
    The Conservatives still face a significant vote efficiency problem. The weakness in the Conservative's nine-point lead lies not in its magnitude but in its distribution.
    Sep 22
  • Poilievre’s office asks Tory MPs to ‘not talk to media’ on ‘gender ideology’ protests
    Poilievre's office issues guidance to Conservative MPs ahead of "parental rights" protests, including "please do not talk to media or post on social media about this issue"
    Sep 20
  • 4 in 10 Canadians say Pierre Poilievre best choice for PM: poll
    A new poll suggests that 40 per cent of respondents say Pierre Poilievre is their preferred choice from prime minister and 60 per cent think the Liberals needs a new leader.
    Sep 21
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  • WestJet to review policy after Poilievre’s plane speech criticized
    On Monday, Poilievre posted a video on social media showing him addressing a plane full of people on a WestJet flight to Calgary.
    Sep 13
  • Pierre Poilievre says WestJet union should apologize for trying to ‘silence’ free speech
    Speaking in Vancouver Thursday, Pierre Poilievre claimed he was asked multiple times by the WestJet cabin crew to speak and the union should be the one apologizing.
    Sep 14
  • NDP federal leader Jagmeet Singh takes swings at political oppositions at B.C. convention
    Jagmeet Singh took political swings at his two leadership counterparts during a speech to more than 700 delegates in Victoria.
    Nov 19
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  • British Columbia’s carbon pricing has led to cleaner air: study
    A new study has found that the country's carbon pricing scheme in British Columbia has a health benefit: Air in the Pacific province is now cleaner to breathe.
    Dec 5
  • Can the Liberal caucus retreat lay out a clearer path amid Poilievre’s rise?
    Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives saw a summer surge in the polls, with a recent Abacus survey placing the Tories 14 points ahead of the Liberals.
    Sep 12
  • Digital loonie? Bank of Canada survey results find most opposed
    The Bank of Canada's public consultations on the creation of a digital Canadian dollar reveal most respondents are opposed to it. Here's why.
    Nov 29
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  • PMO announces new staff for branding and marketing as Liberal minority slumps in polls
    Max Valiquette will work alongside PMO director of communications Vanessa Hage-Moussa, and Ann-Clara Vaillancourt.
    Nov 25
  • No new mandates for all but 2 ministers in Trudeau’s shuffled cabinet: PMO
    The letters for the ministers in charge of the newly minted citizens' services and sport and physical activity portfolios were posted online earlier this week.
    Nov 15
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