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Ron Waksman — Senior Director, Online and Current Affairs, Editorial Standards & Practices

George Browne — Managing Editor

Keith Robinson — Manager, Digital Products

Ashley Terry — Senior Producer

Heather Loney — Senior Producer, Special Projects

Kevin Buffitt — Senior Producer, video

Brian McKechnie — Senior web coordinator

Anna Mehler Paperny — Senior producer, Investigative Data Desk

Patrick Cain — Senior web coordinator, Investigative Data Desk

Leslie Young — Senior web coordinator

Elton Hobson — Online video producer

John Hadden — Online video producer

Brent Rose — Online video producer

Jenny Sung — Online video producer

Irene Ogrodnik — Senior web coordinator, Special Projects

Laura Stone — Senior web coordinator, politics

Amy Minsky — Senior web reporter, politics

Nicole Mortillaro — Senior web coordinator, weather/science/environment

Carmen Chai — Senior web coordinator, health

Erika Tucker — Senior web coordinator, breaking news

Adam Frisk — Senior web coordinator, breaking news

Jamie Sturgeon — Senior web coordinator, money/consumer

John R. Kennedy — Senior web coordinator, entertainment

Nick Logan — Senior web coordinator, world

Nicole Bogart — Web coordinator, tech

Andrew Russell — Web coordinator, breaking news

Patrick Odell — Web producer, Halifax

Amanda Kelly — Web producer, Montreal

James Armstrong — Senior web coordinator, Toronto

David Shum –Web producer, Toronto and breaking news

Lara Schroeder — Web producer, Winnipeg

Shawn Knox — Web producer, Regina

Dave Giles — Web producer, Saskatoon

Thomas Piller — Associate technical producer, Saskatoon

Patricia Kozicka — Web producer, Edmonton

Emily Mertz — Web producer, Edmonton

Caley Ramsay — Web producer, Edmonton

Slav Kornik — Web producer, Edmonton

Melissa Ramsay — Online news reporter/producer, Calgary

Lisa Geddes — Web producer, Calgary

Cody Coates — Online video producer, Calgary

Peter Meiszner — Web producer, BC

Amy Judd — Web producer, BC

Yuliya Talmazan — Web producer, BC

Jennifer Okrusko — Online video producer, BC

Paula Baker – Web producer, BC

Kelly Hayes — Videojournalist/web producer, Okanagan