May 12, 2014 7:01 pm

From smartphone to paper, printing pictures now made easy

WINNIPEG — Smartphones make it easier than ever to capture a moment in time but printing it out isn’t always so simple.

“I used to print all my pictures. Now they just kind of sit on my phone,” said Crystal Siemens, a mom with around 500 pictures on her phone.

A lot of cellphone snappers have fallen into that habit — and that’s what many photo labs are making it easier to print pictures off smartphones.

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Costco recently introduced the ability to plug your smartphone in at their photo lab and select photos to print right off the handheld device.

Meanwhile, Don’s Photo has launched an app which will allow users to selected photos on their phones and have them developed the following day.

“Nowadays phones have pretty big cameras built into them, so you can take a fair-sized photo with them,” said Joshua Cook of Don’s Photo.

The made-in-Manitoba app was launched four months ago and the photo shop is already getting 10 orders a day from it.

Other stores, such as London Drugs and Henry’s, are also offering ways to print off of smartphones.

“I do encourage people to print the pictures — otherwise, what’s the point?” said Alexandra Morrison, a photographer who also teaches an iPhone photography class.

As much as Morrison likes the power and convenience of smartphones, there is just something special about a printed photo.

“Future generations might not have that joy of a family album because Facebook or Instagram are now gone and there is something else and where are your pictures now?” said Morrison.

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