May 7, 2014 5:59 pm

Making a Difference: Run4Change

One of the participants of Start2Finish's Running and Reading Club Program


HAMILTON – Students from St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School  are participating in the annual Run4Change 20/20 Challenge by working out 20 minutes a day for 20 weeks.

Two time Grey Cup champion, Brian Warren is the founder of Start2Finish, a national children’s charity dedicated helping those in need. Run4Change is one of the various programs under Start2Finish but with another mission in toe as well.

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“This is  the first generation that will not outlive its parents…they did a scorecard on healthy active living and obesity and after 25 years what they’ve found is this generation, because of the sedentary nature, are more prone to diseases…the 20/20 challenge is a very unique, creative way to get fit but also make a difference.” Warren said.

Katie Marino teaches at the school and trains the kids by encouraging them to run and do strength training.

“When we started they were able to run maybe 30 seconds, and then they’d tell me they needed to walk…and now there’s a handful that need that break to stop;  the rest of them they’re pushing themselves, they’re challenging themselves,” Marino said.

The funds raised will go towards purchasing basic needs like shoes, school supplies and backpacks but not just for other kids.

“The great part is that the kids in our school, are also kids that are in need of that help. So not only are they raising it for other kids, I think  they are going to be benefiting from the money raised and they don’t know that,” Marino said.

Kids like Misha Francis in grade 2 feel a lot better after participating.

” I used to be very slow. and now, now I’m close to being the fastest one in the class,” Francis said.

The 5k run will be taking place from May. 12 to May 116 across Canada.


“Waiting for the world to change, these kids aren’t waiting for the world to change, they’re actually doing something, making the world change,” Warren said.

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