May 5, 2014 12:51 pm

Monday, May 5, 2014 on The Morning Show

BORN RUFFIANS – Canadian indie rock band Born Ruffians joins The Morning Show to talk about their album Acoustic EP. The group recently released the new video for their single Oh Cecilia which features a Toronto crossing guard who was banned from dancing on the job.

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ONTARIO ELECTION BEGINS – The Liberal buses will roll from Queen’s Park this morning, but Premier Kathleen Wynne wasted no time kicking things off with a well-attended rally in Toronto on Friday night, followed by smaller events in the city during the weekend. Queen’s Park reporter Alan Carter breaks down the early election call for us and what Ontarians can expect on the campaign trail in the following weeks. TORONTO SHOW ONLY

SCIENCE OF TASTE – Liem Vu will join researcher Donna Francis at the Ontario Science Centre to discuss texture and taste. Francis will appear on tonight’s episode of Top Chef Canada as a guest taster. She’ll show our Liem Vue how to make liquid nitrogen ice cream while explaining ‘super cooling’. TORONTO SHOW ONLY

TRAGEDY IN THE COMMONS – In Tragedy in the Commons, Alison Loat and Michael MacMillan, founders of the non-partisan think tank Samara, draw on an astonishing eighty exit interviews with former Members of Parliament from across the political spectrum to unearth surprising observations about the practice of politics in Canada. TORONTO SHOW ONLY

BOOKS FOR KIDS – Flowers are slowly beginning to bloom and this means it’s a great time to bulk up on some reading material for your kids. We’ll showcase some of the books you and your children can enjoy together just in time for the spring season.

CEA SUNRISE PERSON –  Author Cea Sunrise Person joins us in-studio to talk about her new book, North of Normal. Cea was launched into an international modeling career at age thirteen. She worked successfully as a model for the next two decades, living in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Munich, Hamburg, Zurich and Milan. In 1999 she settled in Vancouver, and is now a happily married mother of three young children.  TORONTO SHOW ONLY

ONTARIO ARCHITECTURE AWARDS – Last month, the winners of the 2014 Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) Awards were announced, honouring projects from single-family homes to large redevelopments. Under the Design Excellence category, 15 projects were selected from 170 submissions. Guelph architect Bill Birdsell talks us through some of the winners.


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