May 2, 2014 4:27 pm

Meet Jessica Medeiros, one of the new junior meteorologists

Watch video above: Junior meteorologist winner Jessica delivers the weekend forecast

Her day started with her lucky breakfast; waffles.

Sitting in her purple pajamas, nine-year-old Jessica Medeiros is thinking about her big debut as Junior Meteorologist on Friday’s Global News Hour at 5:30.

“I’m excited. A little bit nervous,” Medeiros said.

When I ask her why she wanted the gig, she answers with no hesitation.

“I like telling the weather,” she said. “Everyone is paying attention to the weather.”

Medeiros is one of four contest winners who will join chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell every Friday night over the course of four weeks.

Medeiros is no stranger to performing. She has been dancing for five years.

Watch: Meet Jessica Medeiros, one of the new junior meteorologists

And her audition video proves she is not shy in front of a camera. In the video, Medeiros is delivering a five day forecast that includes rain, sun, wind, snow, and various outfit changes.

“I have a good personality,” she says. “I think I’m going to do a really good job because of my personality.”

When we visited her at her home, her hair was already neatly curled.

An outfit, picked out the night before. Medeiros knows to stay away from green.

“If you wear green, that part of green on you would disappear,” she said.

Watch Jessica’s audition tape below.

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(We use a virtual set or “green screen” in our Global News studio that will make the colour green appear invisible.)

But this isn’t about appearances – this is about the weather.

“Sometimes I like the rain. But if it keeps raining some more time, it gets boring,” she said.

I ask her what her favourite season is and she quickly says summer.

“The weather is really nice. I like the hot weather because we can go swimming outside,” she said.

I think many of us would agree.

In fact, after a long winter and a cold, wet start to spring, we are waiting to hear a forecast that includes a lot of sun and double digit temperatures.

Medeiros shakes her head at me when I ask her about the weekend.

“Well, we’re going to see more rain,” she says pointing to the rain that is already starting to fall outside where we are walking.

I shake my head. “You know during our long winter, everyone was blaming our chief meteorologist about the weather.”

“I don’t think that’s right,” Medeiros says as she comes to Anthony Farnell’s defence“He doesn’t control the weather, he just tells the weather.”

Practicing her forecast in front of a handmade chart, I ask Medeiros if this is what she wants to do when she grows up.

“Yeah. I’d like to do it. But not as my full-time job.

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