May 2, 2014 6:40 pm

Mixed reaction from voters about provincial election

WATCH: Ontario voters have mixed reactions towards the idea of choosing a new premier. Mark McAllister reports. 

TORONTO – With an Ontario election less than six weeks away, voters need to make up their minds quickly before heading to the polls.

Reaction has been swift and people are unsure about whether there is a need for a vote on June 12.

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Barbara Bateman worries about the cost to pay for an election. “The amount of money that will be spent again,” she says. “I think it would be far better to work together and make this work.”

“I think it’s terrible. A waste of money,” David Moscoe says. “The NDP should have taken the budget because it’s got everything in it that they stand for.”

Others welcome the idea and look forward to making their decision.

Rudy Aquino says, “Obviously a minority government is not working, so let’s try and get some consensus and get a government that can actually do some work.”

Russ Powers believes more needs to be done for towns and cities throughout Ontario. “A provincial election means we’ll be able to advance our good ideas,” the Association of Municipalities Ontario President says. “Let’s see who can embrace them and who will take our advice on what should be avoided in the future.”

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation didn’t support the budget tabled by the Liberal government on May 1.

“I think that all three parties need to focus on getting the economy back on track,” Candace Malcolm says. “What they’re going to do to jump start the economy, how they’re going to tackle these monsterous deficits.”

Kathy Brock is a Professor from the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. “I don’t think the publc really wants an election, she says. “More than anything, the public seems to be disaffected with politicians right now, and I’m not sure they see any one of the parties as particularly attractive.”

Amy Armstrong has two sons with Autism and counts on services funded by the provincial government. “My hope would be that had been that the Liberal and NDP could have worked together, she says. “I’m fearful that more cuts could be very damaging for families like mine.”

Here’s what some had to say on Twitter about heading to the polls.

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