April 29, 2014 4:33 pm

Habs superfan, Bruins devotee show off their ‘basement shrines’

MONTREAL – When you walk into Jack Gurevitch’s basement, you feel like you’re in a Canadiens’ museum.

His collection of “everything Habs” is eye-opening.

Gurevitch’s West Island home is stacked with hundreds of pucks, original hockey sticks, game-worn jerseys and even the original electrical blueprints of the current Bell Centre.

A glimpse of the collection of hockey paraphernalia of West Island Habs fan Jack Gurevitch.

Domenic Fazioli/Global News

The 40-year-old has spent half his life collecting the precious memorabilia.

“I think hockey in general is the greatest sport on the planet, and the Canadiens are the greatest franchise that ever existed,” Gurevitch told Global News.

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There are many hockey fanatics like Jack Gurevitch across the city, and some of them even support the enemy: the Boston Bruins.

In Kahnawake, you’ll find many of them.

Boston Bruins fan Bonnie Alfred lives in Kahnawake, just a hockey pucks throw from Montreal.

Domenic Fazioli/Global News

The home of 72-year-old Bonnie Alfred is decked out in black and gold, both inside and out.

“I always pulled for the underdog when I was younger,” Alfred said.

The two fanatics are picking their favourite teams to win the second round series.

Win or lose, both Gurevitch and Alfred said that they will continue adding to their collections, and they promise to come back as even bigger fans next year.


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