April 29, 2014 8:30 am

Woman ordered to pay for damages after neighbour’s corpse ‘explodes’

A Florida woman is being ordered to pay for damages in her home after a corpse exploded in the apartment next door.

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**WARNING: Story contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised.

TORONTO – A Florida woman is being ordered to pay for damages to her home after a corpse “exploded” in the apartment next door.

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Palm Beach County resident Judy Rodrigo claimed she had to use her own money to clean her unit, which included work on her ceilings and walls, after the remains of her deceased neighbour “festered for so long that the build-up of corruptive gases caused it to explode, and the liquids leaked into her unit.”

Back in 2008, the elderly woman passed away from natural causes. Her remains went reportedly undiscovered for two weeks before an odor began to fill the adjacent unit and maintenance workers forced themselves into the deceased’s apartment.

Rodrigo filed a civil lawsuit against her insurance company State Farm and demanded a full reimbursement.

This week, however, a county court judge ruled against Rodrigo and said that a body bursting during decomposition does not constitute an explosion.

“Rather than stretching common sense, the trial court correctly gave the term “explosion” its “plain and unambiguous meaning as understood by the man on the street,”‘ Judge Melanie May wrote. “The plain meaning of the term ‘explosion’ does not include a decomposing body’s cells explosively expanding, causing leakage of bodily fluids.”

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