April 21, 2014 6:36 pm

Magrath shaken after discovery of animal carcass

LETHBRIDGE- A gruesome display discovered last week in Magrath has left its residents with more questions than answers.

Last Thursday night, a local came across a dead deer posed in a very public place.

“It was just more shocking and you wonder who would’ve done something like that,” said Loreen Beauchamp, who discovered the carcass. “It’s a quiet, small town.”

Beauchamp spotted the animal on a bench outside Rooster’s Country Marketplace on 1st Street South.

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“The feet were taped with blue tape, and the top and lower jaw were also taped, it could have been a cloth but it looked like white tape,” explained Beauchamp. “There was a blue airhorn, the type you would see at a hockey game, in its mouth and it was kind of resting on the cement.”

Gone by morning, the small trace of the disturbing set-up left behind an even bigger impression on the few who saw it.

“It was sad to see something like that, there’s a lot of deer around here,” said Jay Mackenzie, owner of the marketplace.

Unfortunately, it’s not the only disturbing case of amateur taxidermy in the area. Several weeks ago another dead animal was discovered in a very public place, just ten minutes away.

“This truck pulled up and these guys got out and took something from the back of the truck, I thought it was a bag at first, and they put it in the slide,” said Joseph Hardy, describing a scene he witnessed by Raymond Elementary School’s playground.

“I thought it was kind of weird at the time, then the next day I heard about a coyote that got put in the slide.”

Another dead animal, six weeks prior to the Magrath incident, was discovered by young students at the school.

“I mean who does that? That’s just stupid,” said Hardy. “To put that on a playground with a bunch of little kids.”

Though not officially connected, residents in both towns say it’s enough of a coincidence to feel deeply disturbed.

RCMP say they’re investigating both reports. No word on how either animal died.


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