February 24, 2014 10:32 pm

How to find us on Twitter

You can now follow Global News on Twitter @globalnews!

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You may have noticed that for the longest time our official Twitter account was under the moniker @globaltvnews. This was awkward for us to give out during our newscasts and was difficult for many of our online followers to remember when trying to contact us.

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Why were we using that instead of the obvious choice of @globalnews, you may ask? Well, you see, someone had scooped up @globalnews before we got to it and we’ve been fighting to make it ours ever since.

Today we are happy to announce that @globalnews is now our official Twitter handle.

What does this mean for you? Not much, really. If you followed us under the @globaltvnews account you’re still following us, just under @globalnews instead. But it might make it easier for you to remember when you want to reach out to us with your news tips and photos and videos.

Don’t forget you can also join us (and our 120,000+ fans) on Facebook at facebook.com/GlobalNews and you should probably sign-up for our breaking news alerts and our daily email headlines so you never miss anything important.

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