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WATCH: Top acts of nature videos in 2013

ABOVE: Group of storm chasers track tornado that hit Moore, Oklahoma

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From the raging floods in Alberta and Colorado, to the destructive power of Typhoon Haiyan, and the tornadoes that wreaked havoc across Oklahoma and the U.S. midwest. The world felt the fury of Mother Nature in 2013.

The awesome power of these events generated dramatic images that few can forget. Here are some of the most memorable videos captured from a year of incredible acts of nature.

Alberta and Colorado Floods

This cabin from the Hidden Valley golf resort was swept away, eventually crashing into a bridge along the Bow river.

Aerial footage showing the devastation throughout Calgary’s downtown core as the flood waters continued to flow during June’s disaster.

Emergency workers rescue a man trapped in a car that was submerged in flood waters after a portion collapsed due to massive flooding in the Boulder Colorado area.

Some students on the Boulder campus on the University of Colorado try to make the most of the flash flooding that hit the area in September

Oklahoma and U.S. midwest tornadoes

Aerial footage captured by the KFOR helicopter as it tracked the EF5 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma on May 20.

Storm chasers captured the first ten minutes of the massive tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma on May 20.

Strong winds from the massive tornado in El Reno, Oklahoma in June can be seen flipping a semi truck on its side

Anthony Khoury and his family can be heard praying as they took shelter inside their home from a tornado that devastated Washington, Illinois in November.

Super Typhoon Haiyan

Dramatic amateur video shows Typhoon Haiyan’s destructive power as it hits the Philippine city of Tacloban. Tacloban was one the most devastated areas of the country.

Watch as the wind and waves from Typhoon Haiyan pound various locations around the Philippines.

California  and Australian Wildfires

The Rim wildfire was one of the largest in California’s history. Take a look from inside the cockpit of one of the firefighting aircrafts as they fly over the massive wildfire.

Australian civilian captures the frantic few moments where residents get stuck in the death zone. This is what fire chiefs fear most, homeowners leaving too late.

Landslide near miss

Amateur video captures the moment a car on a coastal road in northern Taiwan was hit by a landslide and narrowly avoided being crushed by a boulder.

Lightning strikes train in Japan

Amateur video captures the moment a train travelling between stations in Kawasaki, Japan is struck by lightning. The video went viral on YouTube with more than 4 million views.

Sinkhole in Louisiana

Incredible video captured by a Louisiana Parish official who was observing the water currents at a known sinkhole when trees were pulled under in just seconds.

Tidal bore in China

A powerful tidal bore caused by Typhoon Trami hits China’s southern Hangzhou City drenching brave onlookers.


Five large waterspouts interrupts a lobster diving trip off the coast of Florida. The dramatic footage was filmed by dive captain Kevin Johnsen six miles north of Marathon and shows the large columnar vortexes dropping down to the sea.

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