Jennifer Tryon

Global National Senior Investigative Correspondent

Award-winning journalist Jennifer Tryon joined Global National as senior investigative correspondent in 2008.

With Global National, Tryon has covered some of Canada’s biggest stories including the 2014 RCMP shootings in Moncton and the unprecedented floods in southern Alberta.

She was the first reporter to obtain documents on the shopping centre collapse in Elliot Lake, Ont., uncovering the truth about the hazardous condition the building was in prior to the tragic incident that left two people dead.

While working on a series of reports on the housing crisis in Attawapiskat, Ontario, Tryon was kicked off the reserve while trying to cover the story. This coverage led to an award for Excellence in Emerging Health Care Issue presented by the Canadian Medical Association.

Tryon began working at the Kingson Whig-Standard in 1999. She then moved on to become a reporter at CKWS-TV in Kingston in 2000, and later worked at CTV National’s Specialty Unit and in newsrooms in Ottawa, Kitchener and Montreal, before joining the Global National Team.

Tryon has received numerous investigative journalism honours from the Canadian Association of Journalists. In 2004, Amnesty International presented Tryon with an award for Excellence in Human Rights Reporting. She was also nominated for two Canadian Screen Awards in 2013 for her story on Elliot Lake and her investigative reporting into medical marijuana for Global’s news magazine program, 16×9.

Tryon was born in Kingston, Ontario and received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Law from Carleton University. She lives in Toronto with her husband and three children and enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, cooking and writing for her personal crafting blog,

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