Heather Yourex-West

Health Reporter

From public health issues to medical breakthroughs, Heather has been Global Calgary’s health reporter since 2009. Weeknights during the Early News at 5 p.m. and News Hour at 6 p.m., Heather anchors Health Matters – a segment dedicated to the health news that matters most to Calgarians and their families.

Heather received her broadcasting education at the University of Calgary and SAIT. After a brief time working as videographer, anchor, producer and news reader at CFTK-TV in Terrace, B.C., Heather joined Global Lethbridge in 2003. She spent two years there as a reporter, producer and anchor before getting the opportunity to work with the news team that first inspired her to go into broadcasting.

A passion for telling the stories of Alberta’s newest residents prompted Heather to travel to Brooks in 2007 to cover the lives of a community of new African immigrants. The reports became part of a Global News Special: “Minority Report: Alberta’s Cultural Collision” that went on to win the regional and national RTNDA Adrienne Clarkson Award for diversity.

In 2008, Heather’s curiosity about the AIDS pandemic in Africa took her to South Africa, where she took a break from broadcasting to help a small NGO produce videos about the work they were doing. Deeply moved by the tragedy of the orphan crisis created by the pandemic, Heather shared her experiences with the Global audiences online. A passion for health reporting had also been sparked: in September 2009, Heather took over as health specialist.

For more information on Heather’s previous stories, visit our Health Matters page. 

April 8, 2016 8:44 pm

Why so many Moms-to-be are turned away from Calgary’s South Hospital

According to the Department Head of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Calgary, the maternity ward at the South Health Campus is much smaller than the wards at Calgary’s three other adult hospitals. “The reality is that it is only half the size it was planned to be,” said Dr. Doug Wilson “We had hoped to have a whole new women’s health centre with 5,000 deliveries.” Continue reading 

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