The West Block: March 26, 2023 | Canada and the U.S. ready to ‘take on China,’ ambassador says

U.S. President Joe Biden wrapped up his visit to Ottawa with a strong pitch for creating even closer ties between Canada and the United States. In his speech to Parliament, Biden described the future as full of possibilities. ‘The West Block’ host Mercedes Stephenson sat down with David Cohen, U.S. Ambassador to Canada, to find out what that future looks like in real terms and what the Americans are looking for from Canada when it comes to big-ticket items like clean energy technology, critical minerals and defence. Plus, Stephenson speaks with Cheuk Kwan, co-chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China, and Joanna Chiu, reporter for The Toronto Star and author of ‘China Unbound’ about just how pervasive China’s meddling is in Canada and the years of warning the Chinese Canadian community gave the federal government that they say were ignored.