Global National: Feb. 5

As Canada's prime minister and the premiers are set to meet on health care this week, we look at the expectations and hardlines ahead of the summit. Then, the fallout continues after the U.S. shot down a Chinese surveillance balloon and China is threatening repercussions. Protests in Peru are growing more violent, but the embattled president is hoping the olive branch of elections could put an end to the deadly street battles. A spotlight is once again being put on the harm colonial systems cause within the child welfare system after a mother took her own life. New data from the 2021 Census shows Black Canadians are more likely than any other group to be overqualified for their jobs. After riding high, Canadians could have an easier chance to get a used car for a good price, if they're willing to be patient. And, it's a story out of a movie after a B.C. man was arrested following a daring boat rescue off the coast of Oregon.