July 17 2021 9:52pm

Global National: July 17

Nova Scotia is heading to the polls, but the timing of the election could impact who turns out and the issues at the forefront. People continue to call for the B.C. government to declare a state of emergency over the growing number of wildfires, but the premier isn’t showing signs he’ll make that move. Wildfires are also plaguing several U.S. states and experts are concerned climate change could fuel it further. Thousands of Cubans are speaking out against the government in the hopes the world will take notice. Manatees off the coast of Florida are dying at an alarming rate and environmentalists are pushing for them to be added back to the endangered species list. And a Canadian entrepreneur is making a name for herself with a makeup brand that is more than just about cosmetics, it’s about empowering Indigenous people to believe in themselves.

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