August 10 2020 5:09pm

“Amateur” investigators look to unearth evidence in 1930s cold case in Minden, Ont.

A 1930s cold case in Minden, Ont. will be unearthed once again this week.

Back in 1934, Minden resident Harold Heaven disappeared from his cabin.
His body was never found.

Now, a pair of amateur investigators, who have a family connection to Heaven, are documenting their examination of the recently reopened case.

Mike Mildon and Jackson Rowe will be executing a dig at the rumoured burial place of Heaven on Aug. 12 in Minden.

The pair say they’re hoping to find remains, and evidence of the cause of death.
They also claim they have new evidence on the case itself.

Global News will have a videographer on scene at the dig Wednesday, with more on the excavation.

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