The Morning Show on CHEX
January 14 2020 11:02am

JASON WIGHT-OPG- PART 1: Explaining the Alert, Understanding Clean Energy

Jason Wight was just as surprised as everyone else in Ontario the morning of January 11th.
That’s when his phone flashed an emergency alert that there was an issue at the Pickering nuclear power generating facility. The simple fact that HE was surprised was his first clue that there was not a concern at the Pickering plant. Jason Wight is formerly Director of Engineering for OPG’s Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and founder of OPG’s only accelerator X-LAB. He’s now Chief Information Officer and SVP IT Innovation for OPG and is one of the first on the list when alerts are issued. We spoke with him about Sunday’s false alarm and about an upcoming address on identifying clean energy and understanding it’s role within the climate crisis.

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