• Rate hikes spark debate on inflation causes. How do we fight it?
    The fact that unemployment is likely to rise is an uncomfortable truth for central banks dealing with backlash over rising interest rates.
    3 hours
  • Green bins en route, changes coming to curbside trash pickup in London, Ont.
    Starting Sunday, items such as furniture and mattresses will need to go through the city's new booking system and residents must request a pickup at least five days in advance.
    Oct 3
  • Unifor sets Oct. 9 deadline for contract talks with General Motors
    Unifor has set a deadline for its contract talks with General Motors for 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 9.
    Sep 29
  • Winnipeg’s construction season isn’t hitting the brakes until mid-November: city
    Eighty-seven per cent of all contracted city roadwork is expected to be done by the end of the season, according to a city report obtained by Global News.
    Sep 13
  • Calgary long-term care COVID-19 outbreaks come as seniors’ advocates call for more info
    COVID-19 outbreaks at Calgary long-term care centres come as seniors' advocates call more more information from the province.
    Sep 29
  • Fire risk high for harvest season in southern Alberta
    A ready-to-harvest farm field in southern Alberta is full of fire-starting fuels with tinder-dry crops and grasses.
    Aug 15
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  • Green bins given tentative start date for London, Ont.
    The new green bins would also create a new schedule for garbage and recycling pickups, with garbage only being picked up biweekly.
    Aug 10
  • Dallas police chief shares crime reduction success story at Edmonton conference
    'None of us are going to arrest our way into the safer cities,' Dallas police Chief Eddie Garcia said after his keynote speech on innovative approaches to community safety.
    Sep 19
  • Safety of Our Cities Conference addresses policing issues like drugs, gangs, addictions
    The Safety of Our Cities Conference explores topics such as data analysis, guns and gangs, substance use, homelessness, and crimes against vulnerable people such as trafficking.
    Sep 18
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  • Multi-faceted construction project underway in downtown Lethbridge
    More significant construction is underway in the downtown core. The project will include water main upgrades, bike lanes and pavement improvements. Sarah Jones reports.
    Aug 9
  • Southern Alberta crops producing low yields as ‘dismal’ harvest begins
    The province's latest crop report shows as of July 25, just 29.2 per cent of crops in the south region were rated in good to excellent condition.
    Aug 2
  • Dianne Feinstein, long-standing U.S. Democratic senator, dead at 90
    Dianne Feinstein, a centrist Democrat elected to the Senate in 1992, has died.
    U.S. News
    Sep 29
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  • Trump, 18 others charged under Georgia’s RICO Act. Here’s what that means
    The indictment accuses Trump and 18 co-defendants of participating in a criminal enterprise that committed crimes with the overall goal of overturning the election.
    U.S. News
    Aug 15
  • U.S. Supreme Court to hear challenge to Purdue Pharma bankruptcy settlement
    At issue is whether U.S. bankruptcy law allows Purdue's restructuring to include legal protections for the Sackler family members, who have not filed for personal bankruptcy.
    U.S. News
    Aug 10
  • After affirmative action ruling, activists sue Harvard over legacy admissions
    Lawyers for Civil Rights, a nonprofit based in Boston, filed the suit Monday on behalf of Black and Latino community groups in New England.
    U.S. News
    Jul 3
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  • Global heat wave shatters records. Will Wednesday break another?
    When the heat spikes, humans suffer health effects — especially young and elderly people, who are vulnerable to heat even under normal conditions.
    Jul 5
  • Biden says AI risks to security, economy must be addressed
    Biden met a group of civil society leaders and advocates, who have previously criticized the influence of major tech companies, to discuss artificial intelligence.
    Jun 20
  • The Bank of Canada’s key rate rose again. Why another hike in July ‘looks likely’
    The Bank of Canada raised its benchmark interest rate on Wednesday amid concerns about a hot economy keeping the inflation higher.
    Jun 7
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  • After a traumatic brain injury, UBC student heads to Stanford to help others
    The 24-year-old fell into a two-month-long coma after being struck by a car in the fall of 2021 and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.
    Jun 1
  • London, Ont. makes progress on climate action, though more work needed to stay on track
    With city staff saying London’s response to the climate emergency action plan last year was a mixed bag, proposals by a city councillor aim to set the Forest City more on track.
    May 31
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