No Stone Left Alone remembrance ceremonies

For 2020, No Stone Left Alone ceremonies will look different than in previous years. But we remain undeterred in our commitment to honour the men and women of Canada’s armed forces. In fact, it is in these times of struggle where their contributions – both past and present – are made more clear and resonate even more deeply with Canadians.

We have a tremendous opportunity in this moment to connect with Canadian youth about giving of ourselves, and sacrificing for the greater good – those things which are the hallmarks of all who serve.

Young Canadians are experiencing sacrifice now in a way that most never have. In school and at home, they are discussing the ways that their actions can impact their world and protect their communities. Their understanding of these concepts is deepening and expanding.

NSLA Commemorations will take place across Canada this November. But to ensure the health and safety of all involved, in most cases the ceremonies will not be open to the public. And sadly, with only a few exceptions, students will not be able to visit the headstones together to lay poppies. They will instead participate from their classrooms in various ways; making a wreath to be laid by volunteers in their cemetery, participating in a virtual discussion with a veteran via video conferencing, or creating a “Remembrance Wall” where they lay poppies in honour of their community’s veterans.

On this, the 10th anniversary of No Stone Left Alone, we invite you to join us by watching the live stream presentation of our remembrance ceremony from Beechmount Cemetery in Edmonton – the birthplace of NSLA. It will be streamed live on Check the schedule below to note the streaming time in your province.

No Stone Left Alone, Beechmount Cemetery
Live Stream Presentation from Edmonton, AB
Thursday, November 5, 2020

British Columbia – 9:30am

Alberta – 10:30am

Saskatchewan – 11:30am

Manitoba – 11:30am

Ontario – 12:30pm

Quebec – 12:30pm

Nova Scotia – 1:30pm


“Sometimes, many of us tend to take our freedom for granted, and we should all remind ourselves that it has never been this way naturally! Men and women have sacrificed their own family, their youth, their education and much more for the sake of peace and happiness for the future generations.”

Tezza, Grade 9, NSLA Ceremony Participant