Global News Spotlight: Grad 2020

Give your Grad the spotlight on Global News!

We are showcasing photos of Grads in and around Calgary starting May 22 and running through the graduation season to the end of June.  Share your photos with us so we can honour all Grads on TV and on our social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To send us a photo, click the link below to submit a non-professionally taken photo of the Grad you’d like to honour. Be sure to include the student’s name and the school they are graduating from. Then watch Global News at 11 on Tuesdays and Fridays with your Grad to see their photos air on TV! We will use as many photos on air and on our social media platforms as possible.


By submitting a photo, you confirm you are the parent/guardian of the graduate, or the graduate of legal age in Alberta, and own all rights and permissions to use the photo. You also agree that you are granting Global News permission to use it in perpetuity on any Global News digital platform, including social media, and on television without additional permissions. Please do not submit a professional or yearbook photo. We will not use any professional and official yearbook photos that are submitted. Please submit photos taken only by you or a family member. We reserve the right not to publish any photographs in our editorial direction. Your submission, and our use of your photo(s), is subject to Corus Entertainment Terms and Conditions and Corus Entertainment Privacy Policy.