Global Calgary Weather School


Global News is giving Grade 5 students a unique opportunity to learn about weather from the pros with Global Weather School! Every Fall and Spring, our Global Weather Specialists bring a special presentation to Grade 5 classes throughout the Calgary area. From lightning to tornadoes and everything in-between, they show interesting videos, share their weather know-how and answer student’s questions. Each hour-long visit is informative, fun and interactive, leaving a lasting impression on the class.

The winning classrooms are picked through random selection from entries on our contest page. Registration for Global News Weather School is open in September and in February each year. Click here to enter your grade 5 class for Global News Weather School contest.

Meet the Global Calgary Weather Team: Paul, Jordan, Gemma and Jodi.

Attention teachers: check out our video tutorials below !

Watch below: Global Calgary meteorologist Jordan Witzel explains temperature inversion.

Watch below: Global Calgary weather specialist Paul Dunphy explains Chinooks.

Watch below: Global Calgary weather specialist Gemma Lynne Stroobant explains all you need to know about thunderstorms.

Watch below: Global Calgary weather specialist Jodi Hughes explains the nitrogen cycle as it relates to weather.