Regina City Council cancels special meeting to address homeless encampment at City Hall

A special city council has been called to address the growing homeless encampment outside of Regina city hall. Global Regina still

The special city council meeting originally announced for Thursday to address the growing homeless encampment outside of Regina city hall has been cancelled due to lack of quorum.

The encampment began on July 15, and as of July 25, there are 83 tents in the encampment at City Hall according to the city.

According to the agenda for Thursday’s special meeting, a report from the city manager recommends, “City Council provide direction regarding how to address the encampment in the short-term, given the challenges associated with the encampment continue to evolve.”

The report outlines the encampment is expected to cost the city anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 per month and has already cost the city $55,000.

Since the encampment was formed, the city said it has received 64 service requests from residents.

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Some 52 of the 64 requests expressed opposition to the encampment as a whole, while nine offered suggestions or wished to help the camp’s residents. The final three expressed support for homelessness, but did not support the encampment, according to the city.

Eleven of the service requests were from businesses or employees who claimed the encampment had negatively affected them, due to thefts or vandalism or a general feeling of being unsafe, the city said.

“To date, the city has received 15 reports from staff related to the encampment that range from health and safety concerns to reports of violence, drugs and theft,” the city said.

The city also surveyed their own employees working at city hall.

The report states that 82 per cent of employees feel that the encampment has “negatively impacted their wellbeing,” 72 per cent do not support the encampment at city hall, and 70 per cent have adjusted or asked to adjust their daily routines” as a result of the encampment.

The report also outlines the issues with overdoses in the camp.

As of July 12, nine overdoses had been reported at the encampment, according to the city, and on July 19, a woman was found dead inside the encampment from a suspected overdose.

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