United Way Peterborough impact report highlights support for thousands over past year

The United Way Peterborough and District's community impact report looks at the support for agencies over the past year. United Way Peterborough and District

The United Way Peterborough and District says over the past year it invested in 275 programs and initiatives, providing support to thousands in the region.

On Tuesday the United Way branch released “Together We Can…,” a community impact report highlighting accomplishments over the past year.

The highlights include investing more than $2.1 million locally while supporting agencies that helped 46,263 people, such as:

  • 164,936 nutritious meals, snacks and food boxes
  • 900 people supported to find housing (includes refugees, women fleeing violence, people living in unsafe or unsuitable conditions)
  • 7,142 nights of safe shelter
  • 35,148 mental health and social wellness activities and check-ins
  • 27,113 in-home supports and care visits for isolated individuals
  • 4,637 support sessions to help people overcome barriers to employment, legal and financial wellness

“The Community Impact Report is a celebration of the achievements of our funded agencies as well as our United Way initiatives,” said Betsy Farrar, manager of community impact. “The statistics captured in this report demonstrate the power of strategically investing in work to collectively have the strongest outcomes possible.”

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The United Way has 20 partner agencies in the Peterborough area, which are currently in the middle of a five-year funding cycle. Agencies are selected on “interconnected mandates” that support the United Way’s mission.

Agencies that receive support. United Way Peterborough and District

Russell says the COVID-19 pandemic brought social and economic inequities to the forefront and prompted stronger collaboration between agencies.

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“Our work as a community relies on personal connection, which was undeniably impacted by the social distancing throughout the pandemic,” United Way CEO Jim Russell said. “Agencies pivoted and adapted to continue to support our community despite the added pressures resulting from the pandemic. This past year marked the beginning of coming together again, and we are so proud of how our donors, agencies, volunteers and community have embraced the opportunity to come back stronger than before.”

“This was a stark reminder that the issues we all work to address are bigger than each of us as individual agencies, but that change is possible when we work together,” he said.

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Russell also thanked the work of its 50 volunteers along with the donors who have contributed millions of dollars over the years. In 2020, the United Way launched a campaign to raise $5 million by 2023.

“We cannot thank our supporters enough for sharing their financial resources, time, insights, and trust in us that makes this work possible,” Russell said.

The 2023 kick-off to its fundraising campaign is scheduled for Sept. 6 at the Healthy Planet Arena in Peterborough.

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