1st set of triplets born at Misericordia Hospital in decades

Click to play video: 'Triplets born at Edmonton’s Misericordia Community Hospital for first time in years'
Triplets born at Edmonton’s Misericordia Community Hospital for first time in years
Sarah Komadina tells us about the first birth of its kind in about three decades at Edmonton's Misericordia Community Hospital, and how it required triple the amount of staff to make sure the babies and mom were all healthy. – Jul 7, 2023

New parents Alyssa and Taylor Borchuk are settling into their titles — to not one or two, but three healthy baby girls. Evelyn, Halley and Millie, born in Edmonton on Father’s Day.

“I’m very happy,” Taylor said.

“It definitely goes from being a miracle on screen to a miracle in your arms,” Alyssa said.

The couple had to wrap their heads around having triplets fast.

“We always made the joke: what if it’s twins … Only one time we said: ‘What if it’s triplets?’ You definitely don’t think of that,” Taylor said.

“I just saw on the monitor while they were doing the ultrasound: ‘Fetus A, Fetus B, Fetus C, spontaneous, no IVF,'” Taylor said.

“It was quite a shock,” Alyssa said.

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Triplet Evelyn Borchuk. Sarah Komadina/Global News

Alberta Health Services said there have been four sets of triplets born in Edmonton so far this year.

What is unique about the Borchuks is they had the first set of triplets born at the Misericordia Community Hospital since the late 1990s. That hospital has only helped delivery three sets of triplets ever.

Click to play video: 'Triplet Miracle: Griffin, Sask. mom performs life-saving CPR on daughter while giving birth to two sons'
Triplet Miracle: Griffin, Sask. mom performs life-saving CPR on daughter while giving birth to two sons

Alyssa really wanted to have her girls at the Misericordia.

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“My great grandmother used to work here. I was born here. So the (Misericordia) is really special to us and it was really nice they had the facility here to have the triplets,” Alyssa said.

Triplet Halley Borchuk born at 4 lbs 8 ounces. Sarah Komadina/ Global News

The first baby born, Evelyn, is named after her great grandma. Millie and Halley are identical.

“It’s very special for our family. It’s been a couple generations since we had multiples and never triplets.”

“This is very special because we don’t ever have triplets here,” neonatal and intensive care unit manager, Sara Lemke, said.

“Typically, multiples are a little bit higher risk for delivery,” Lemke said.

“A lot of times multiples, twins, triplets will deliver at a higher-risk centre like the Royal Alex ICU, just in case they need more acute care. So, it will probably be some time again before we see triplets here.”

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Click to play video: 'B.C. woman gives birth to identical triplets'
B.C. woman gives birth to identical triplets

For the triplets to be born at the Misericordia, Alyssa needed to make it to 30 weeks.

“Momma did a great job keeping them inside and they are doing fantastic,” Lemke said.

“It’s very rare we have triplets do so well so late in the pregnancy that they can come to a Level 2 nursery.”

Planning for the delivery was meticulous, and for three babies, triple the amount of care was needed. Staff also signed up to volunteer on their off shift to help with the babies.

Millie Borchuk, born at 4 lbs 1 ounce. Sarah Komadina/ Global News

Taylor said the staff went above and beyond to make sure the delivery was safe.

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After three weeks, Evelyn and Halley are ready to come home. Millie weighed a little less and needs some more time before she can go home.

“Very satisfying, you kind of work up, throughout your life, to this moment, and now they are here,” Taylor said.

When the Borchuks get home for the first time as a family of five, they say their family plans to give them lots of support. Now the new parents are looking forward to all of the girls’ firsts.

“We just hit the lottery,” Alyssa said.

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