Servus Credit Union ATM stolen using backhoe: Rimbey RCMP

Rimbey Credit union was damaged Monday when police say someone took an ATM using a back hoe officers believe was stolen from a nearby construction site. Facebook/Lightcatch Alberta/Tom TJ

An ATM from Servus Credit Union was stolen early Monday using a backhoe taken from a nearby construction site RCMP say.

A backhoe stolen from a nearby construction site was used to take an ATM from the Rimbey Service Credit Union, on Monday, police say. Facebook/Lightcatch Alberta/Tom TJ

At around 3 a.m. on Monday, Rimbey RCMP were informed of a break-in at the Service Credit Union.

RCMP are still investigating but say it looks as if the suspect or suspects stole a backhoe from a nearby construction site and used it to remove an ATM from the credit union.

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A photo showing the damage at Rimbey Service Credit Union. An ATM was stolen from the credit union on Monday morning using a backhoe. Facebook/Lightcatch Alberta/Tom TJ

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