Montreal needs greenbelt, environmental coalition says

Montreal needs greenbelt, environmental coalition says - image

MONTREAL – Montreal should follow the lead of other Canadian cities and create a greenbelt around the metropolis, a coalition led by a former Quebec environment minister says.

Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and, on Montreal’s South Shore, Longueuil, all protect ecologically important green spaces – forests, wetlands, creeks and rivers – around their urban areas, the Partners of the Montreal Archipelago Ecological Park Project said at a rally Saturday.

"If we can stitch a pattern of lands that can still be protected in the Montreal archipelago, maybe then we’ll have a chance of preserving something that’s valuable for future generations," said Thomas Mulcair, a federal NDP MP, who was Quebec’s environment minister from 2003 to 2006.

One of the ways to do that, he says, is to "rigorously apply existing laws, namely the ones that apply to the protection of wetlands, something that’s sorely lacking when we look at cities like Laval that allow landfills to go ahead unchecked."

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