Alberta election: NDP promises more money, resources for front line emergency medical care

NDP announce further funding for health care initiatives across the street from the Royal Alexandra Hospital on May 17, 2023. Morris Gamblin/ Global News

Alberta’s NDP is promising to increase funding for emergency medical services if it wins the election on May 29.

NDP candidate David Shepherd says the party would increase funding by $50 million this year and by $75 million in each of the two years following.

He says the money would support better care for patients and improve the workload for paramedics.

The NDP would also add 16 community paramedic units, including eight in Calgary and Edmonton and eight for smaller centres.

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The NDP says the United Conservatives have failed in health care by driving away family doctors in fights over wages and services, leaving emergency services to become swamped picking up the slack.

The UCP says EMS wait times have improved drastically thanks to increased health spending and moving more resources to the front lines.

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