Waterloo Catholic school board Trustee Wendy Ashby says she is resigning

A pride flag flew in front of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board offices for the first time on Tuesday,. Kevin Nielsen / Global News

Embattled Waterloo Catholic District School Board Trustee Wendy Ashby says she is resigning her position so the focus on the board can return to important tasks at hand.

“I have decided to vacate my seat at this time, so that we can all return our focus back on the important work that we have dedicated ourselves to doing,” Ashby said in a statement emailed to Global News.

Ashby came to the forefront after a tweet of hers began to circulate around the internet. She has since deleted her account but police were called to a recent school board meeting to deal with protestors calling for her removal.

Screen captures that show Ashby’s now-deleted tweet reveal that it said, “the most dangerous creature on the planet is the white Christian male.”

She then issued an apology while the WCDSB moved to distance itself from her while also noting that it was launching a formal review of her actions.

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In her statement, Ashby said she has been harassed and bullied by those with opposing viewpoints.

“The outrageous rage baiting campaign that has been playing out illustrates the exact kind of harassment and online bullying that so many kids experience,” Ashby wrote.

“What is even more troubling is that this behaviour is coming from adults. Most are from outside interest groups who have their own agenda.”

She said all of the noise from those who oppose her position is standing in the way of the WCDSB getting work done.

“This noise distracts from the important work that is being done to further diversity equity and inclusion at the Waterloo Catholic District School Board,” Ashby wrote.

“The willingness of this board to lead in these areas is why I chose to be a part of this in the first place and why I so strongly support Catholic Education.”



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