Residents of Île-Perrot apartment complex still without power since the ice storm

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Tenants in Île-Perrot, Que. apartment building still without power since ice storm
It's been almost two weeks since Quebec's major ice storm that caused 1 million people in the province to lose power. One building in Île-Perrot still hasn't had their electricity restored due to water damage. As Elizabeth Zogalis reports, some tenants have nowhere to go and not much support is being offered to them as they wait without any clear answers – Apr 15, 2023

Tenants of an Île-Perrot apartment complex have been without power since the ice storm almost two weeks ago. There is water damage from a leaking roof and power can’t be restored until an electrician evaluates the damage, but tenants say they’ve been waiting too long.

“We’re doing as best we can, but it’s dangerous sometimes on the stairs, for me especially,” says resident Jeannie Schenker.

Schenker relies on a medical device in case of an emergency or a bad fall. The device requires power and internet and she hasn’t been able to charge it.

“It’s by GPS, so no matter where I am, I press it, they’ll come,” she says, referring to paramedics.

David Watmore is also a tenant. He’s concerned about water damage from the roof.

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“We’ve been given several dates when we would have an appraiser come and have a look, but the dates keep getting put back,” said Watmore.

He said the building’s management company has sent numerous emails changing the date.

“We still haven’t had an electrician come to do the work,” added Watmore.

He adds, other tenants say they have asked the management company for compensation to stay in a hotel until power is restored.

“He just told us if you need anything contact your insurance,” said Watmore. But the insurance company says otherwise.

“Their insurance company is telling them it’s up to their landlord to provide them with a place to stay, since we’re all paying rent still and it’s not really 100 per cent livable.”

Luckily one part of the building does have power so neighbours like Marius Doiron have been helping out where they can.

“I brought some extension cord for my neighbours that I know,” said Doiron.

“To help them so they have the minimum. Lights, they can charge their phone and do coffee,” he added.

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In the latest email to tenants, the management company said someone will be coming on Monday and Tuesday to assess the damage.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

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