Secure bike rack hub being installed in downtown Kingston, Ont.

Kingston is the first city in Ontario to install these racks, after they have gained popularity in Vancouver and Europe. Global News

Cycling enthusiasts in Kingston, Ont., will soon have a safe and secure spot to lock up their bikes in the downtown core.

Coming from the company Urban Racks, the new parking hub will have 18 highly-secure spots for cyclists to lock up their bikes.

Kingston is the first city in Ontario to install this parking hub, after it gained traction in Vancouver and in Europe.

It will be installed near the intersection of Princess and Ontario streets, just east of Pan Chancho Bakery.

The Downtown Kingston BIA says this new parking hub will help reduce bike theft.

“I moved to Kingston about two years ago, and within two months my bike was stolen,” says Marijo Cuerrier, executive director of the Downtown Kingston BIA.

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“I’m also really passionate about seeing more active transportation here in Kingston. It’s a nice flat city, easy to ride, easy to scooter, easy to walk, so let’s make it even easier for people to do that.”

This new bike rack will work alongside the app Bikeep, which will allow cyclists to lock and unlock their bike from their phone.

The BIA says this is a pilot project, and they will monitor its success at reducing thefts and encouraging more active transportation in the city.

An official launch date for the new parking hub is expected in the coming days.

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