Wild dashcam video shows car sent soaring into flip by loose tire

Click to play video: 'Tire shoots off truck, flips car into midair on LA freeway'
Tire shoots off truck, flips car into midair on LA freeway
A vehicle was sent flying several feet into the air after being hit by a tire from an adjacent vehicle on the Ronald Reagan Freeway in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, on Thursday, March 23 – Mar 28, 2023

In shocking footage that looks like it was ripped straight from a Hollywood action movie, an onboard Tesla dashcam captured the moment a pickup truck’s tire flew off, hitting another car and sending it soaring high into the air on a California highway.

The footage was recorded on Ronald Reagan Freeway near Los Angeles, Calif., late last week.

Anoop Khatra was driving along the highway on March 23 when he watched the loose tire shoot off a truck in front of him and travel under an adjacent Kia Soul. The footage shows the Kia fly high into the air before crashing down on its roof.

The car can be seen lifting high into the air.
The car can be seen lifting high into the air. Screengrab / Storyful

The car bounces once, returning the vehicle to its tires, and slides for a short distance before coming to a stop.

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The car is seen bouncing on its roof and front end. Screengrab / Storyful

Unbelievably, no one was seriously injured in the incident, police confirmed. Police said the driver of the truck was able to manoeuvre the three-wheeled truck off the freeway safely.

In a series of tweets about the accident, Khartra said he watched the driver of the truck come back to check on the Kia driver.

“They were very sincere and apologetic about everything,” he wrote.

Local news outlet KABC reported that “sheared off-lug nuts apparently led to the pickup truck’s tire detachment.”


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