Canada’s parole board adds more restrictions for high-risk offender Paul Kubesch

High risk offender Paul Kubesch has more restrictions placed on him by the Parole Board of Canada. Kingston Police

The Parole Board of Canada has placed more restrictions on a high-risk offender living in Kingston, Ont.

According to parole board documents, the new special conditions will restrict Paul Kubesh from accessing computers and the internet.

He is also limited to one mobile device and all bills, calls and texts are to be monitored.

Information contained on the device can’t be purged without consent.

Picture of sex offender Paul Kobesch and the terms of his long term supervision order. Kingston Police

According to the parole board, the convicted sex offender was found to be using dating sites to connect with women and had tried to contact one of his victims.

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The 54-year-old’s statutory release was last fall after serving a six-month sentence for sexually assaulting a little girl in a store in 2015.

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In December 2022, Kingston Police issued a safety notice, advising the public Kubesch had moved to Kingston and police believed he could pose a risk to the community, particularly to female children.

Kubesch is serving a 10-year term supervision order.

Prior to the newly-added restrictions, Kubesch’s long-term supervision also included he is not to consume drugs or alcohol, and is to stay away from places with children under the age of 17, such as schools, parks or swimming pools.

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He is to follow a treatment plan related to sexual deviancy and report all relationships, sexual or otherwise, to his parole supervisor.

Anyone with information about potential breaches of these conditions is asked to contact Kingston Police.

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