No one steps forward to claim photos found on camera card near Hope

Delta resident Mike Cockayne has tried everything he can think of to try and give back a camera card found by his brother and sister-in-law.

We first told you about this story in late September, when the couple found the camera card near Hope. It contained about 400 photos of a couple that looked like they were on vacation.

Since then Cockayne has responded to a Craigslist ad, he has contacted the car rental company to send an email to the couple who rented a car on the day a photo was taken, and he has contacted an adventure company where the couple apparently went on a boat tour.

All of these avenues have led to nowhere.

In an email, Cockayne says “I have to conclude that either the mystery couple wants to remain a mystery, or we just have not yet contacted the right couple. I am of the belief that it is the former.”

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He says he will not be making any more enquirers, but he will keep the memory card on the off-chance he may hear from them some day. 

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