Vernon, B.C. society sets up ADHD lending library to support families

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Vernon charity sets up ADHD library to support families
New resources are now available for Vernon families of children living with ADHD. A local charity has set up an ADHD specific lending library. The initiative comes as the society is seeing an increase in demand for ADHD supports – Sep 15, 2022

New resources are now available for Vernon, B.C., families of children living with ADHD.

The North Okanagan Youth and Family Services Society (NOYFSS) in Vernon has set up an ADHD-specific lending library.

“We have a lot of self-help books. We have a lot of kids books. I love the kids books because they help to break down what ADHD is so it really helps children to understand what’s going on for them,” said Samantha Symons, an ADHD child and family counsellor for NOYFSS.

The new initiative is meant to be an extension of the other services the local charity offers for kids with ADHD and their families.

It’s being established as the organization is seeing a growing demand for ADHD services.

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“We don’t have enough services in our communities to actually help support parents in really understanding what the diagnosis means, [and] how we can support kids that are struggling with ADHD symptoms,” said Symons.

The hope is that families can access a wealth of material on ADHD without having to buy all the books themselves.

“Often kids with ADHD, you don’t know what they are going to connect to, you don’t know what is going to work for them. So to be able to borrow these resources and then bring them back and maybe try something else is really going to help a lot of families,” said NOYFSS communications coordinator Vicki Proulx.

The lending library was made possible by a $3,000 grant from Interior Savings.

“This program has been a huge passion for me. I think this is a great step to really helping families understand ADHD and really to be able to connect with community members about what is ADHD and how can we support our kids,” Symons said.

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“It is not about being different, it is just about learning differently.”

The society stresses you don’t need to be in crisis to access their services and anyone seeking support for children with ADHD can contact the charity directly.

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Why ADHD diagnosis for adults can be so pivotal

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