B.C. municipal election 2022: Hudson’s Hope results

Global News is projecting incumbent David Heiberg has been re-elected as Hudson’s Hope mayor in the 2022 B.C. municipal election.

Both incumbent councillors Kelly Miller and Travous Quibell have been re-elected and will be joined by Deborah Beattie, James Cryderman, Tina Jeffery and Tashana Winnicky to form Hudson’s Hope’s council.

The rural community of Hudson’s Hope lies along the Peace River in northern B.C., around 90 kilometres from Fort St. John.



Dave Heiberg (incumbent)

Reginald Knox


Deborah Beattie

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Lynn Blythe

James Cryderman

Nicole Gillis

Tina Jeffery

Joseph King

Kelly Miller (incumbent)

Conrad Northeast

Valerie Paice (incumbent)

Travous Quibell (incumbent)

Robin Stuber

Tashana Winnicky

Population of municipality

841 (2021)

Boundary of the municipality

Hudson’s Hope is located along the Peace River in B.C.’s north, just under 90 kilometres from Fort St. John.

This profile will continually be updated to reflect the latest information, interviews and events in the campaign.

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