Children’s Tylenol and Advil shortage makes its way to Saskatchewan

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Children’s Tylenol and Advil shortage makes its way to Saskatchewan
Supply chain issues are affecting the supply of yet another product — children's pain medication. Emily May Simmonds looks into how that shortage is being felt in Saskatchewan and what could come next. – Aug 19, 2022

A shortage of children’s Tylenol and Advil is being seen across Canada, and Saskatchewan is not immune.

Michael Fougere is the CEO of the Pharmacy Association of Saskatchewan, and explains why there are some concerns about this shortage.

“It sort of has to do with supply chain issues. It’s with the plastic of the bottles, it’s the labelling, it’s the glue for the labelling and a host of other component parts that go with that. That’s been the issue for a quite a number of months,” said Fougere.

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“It’s a lingering problem not just in Saskatchewan, but right around the country, and probably parts of the world, too.”

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Fougere said it’s really hard to say how long this shortage could last.

He added that if parents can’t find the medication that they’re looking for at the pharmacy over the counter, there are other options.

“Just talk to the pharmacist, they have alternative medication that will help them out.”

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One Saskatoon mother isn’t concerned about the shortage right now.

“As of right this second, no. If it’s anything like the formula shortage, then yes. It really depends. I mean, we don’t use a lot of Tylenol obviously, or Advil for kids, that often,” said Caitlin Odigie.

Odigie has a four year old and a five month old, but says she hasn’t noticed a shortage on store shelves yet.

“My daughter is getting into that teething stage, so I will at some point need it.”


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