Saskatoon spa helps heal self-harm scars

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Saskatoon spa helps heal self-harm scars
A Saskatoon compaany decided to offer a procedure...for free. The goal is to remove self harm scars for those working to recover from not just mental, but physical scars as well. Emily-May Simmonds has the story – Aug 18, 2022

A Saskatoon business is helping people who struggled with self-harm by offering a free service.

SKN Medical Spa owner Shereen Magnus said they are offering a microneedling treatment to get rid of self-harm scars.

She said that this was something important to her because of her own past struggles.

“This came about through actually my own personal experience with self-harm, growing up as a teenager, understanding the struggle of overcoming that challenge.”

She said she was able to overcome her challenges but was left with visible scars.

“Having done the internal work myself, but being left with those scars and not knowing how to correct that,” said Magnus.

Microneedling pricks the skin with small, sterilized needles that causes small wounds and allows the skin to heal in a less traumatic fashion.

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“There will still be a little bit of that scar left, but we can minimize it quite a bit.”

Magnus said part of the reason she pursued a career with a medical spa is due to her struggles with self-confidence and acne.

She said they’ve been advertising this service on Instagram, as well as getting information out by word-of-mouth.

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More Canadians opening up about their declining mental health during pandemic

“It’s a really personal and vulnerable thing, so it does take people a bit of time to kind of work up the courage to come in.”

Magnus is also partnered with Evolve Counselling for anyone who may need that assistance.

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Shannon Hurley is a counsellor and co-owner of Evolve Counselling. She said the treatment is powerful and can help people gain their confidence back.

“Self-harm is a big thing, it’s not uncommon, it happens quite a bit. And some people do some of the work to manage their self-harm, but then after they’re left with the reminder of those times where maybe they were going through some stuff with their trauma, or their anxiety, or their depression. They’re kind of just left there to look at them all the time,” said Hurley.

She said people will often be embarrassed of their scars and will hide them behind clothing.

“For a lot of people it’s a big confidence thing. A lot of people don’t reach out; a lot of people don’t talk about it, and it happens quite a bit everyday.”

Magnus said she’s very grateful to be able to offer this service and help people heal.

“It’s actually so impactful. I actually had someone bring in their daughter and being able to see the love they have for their daughter, and seeing the pain in their eyes, and the love for each other,” said Hurley.

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“It was such an honour to be able to witness that, to experience that. But seeing them again, seeing how much confidence their daughter had after just one appointment, how much hope she had.”

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