Coyote attacks 5-year-old Okanagan girl

A young Vernon girl is recovering after being attacked by a coyote Monday afternoon.

The girl suffered minor puncture wounds when the animal attacked as the family walked their small dog in a greenbelt area near Alexis Park Drive and 35th Avenue at 5pm.

Conservation Officer Josh Lockwood says coyote attacks in BC are rare, with only four attacks on humans in the last 15 years.

“In this incident, the people walking had a small dog which probably attracted the coyote’s attention to them,” says Lockwood.

The animal was not found following a search by a special response team.

The public is being cautioned against feeding the animal. Lockwood says it’s denning season for coyotes, prompting the animals to search for more food.

Residents are urged to contact Conservation if a coyote is spotted where it shouldn’t be roaming. The contact number is 1-877-952-7277.