Those Old Radio Shows Aug. 12-13

Friday, Aug. 12

Hour One: Inner Sanctum – Unburied Dead, Jack Benny – A Golf Match

Hour Two: Father Knows Best – Bud Quits School, Casey, Crime Photographer – Disappearance of Mr. Dizzel

Hour Three: Michael Shayne – Case of the Crooked Wheel

Saturday, Aug. 13

Hour One: Whistler – The Thin Line, The Life of Riley – Turkey Hunt

Hour Two: Abbot & Costello – Return to Patterson, Mystery in the Air – The Great Barastro

Hour Three: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar – The Confidential Matter, YTJD – Theme Music

Hour Four: YTJD – The Confidential Matter, conc., Gunsmoke – Bruger’s Folly / Yorky

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Hour Five: Bold Venture – The Quam Yi Statue, Escape – The Untouchable

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