Lyndhurst, Ont., property offers glamping, eco-sustainability workshops and more

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Lyndhurst, Ont., property offers glamping, eco-sustainability workshops and more
A 57 acre property in Lyndhurst, Ont., called Number 9 Gardens is a tourism spot, including glamping tents and yurts, that also focuses on teaching sustainability through food and nature – Jul 31, 2022

People interested in ecological sustainability while doing some “glamping” this summer may want to look to Lyndhurst, Ont.

Tucked away down a long gravel road is a 57 acre property comprised of wetlands, meadow and pastures.

It’s called Number 9 Gardens, an eco-sustainability centre, tourism attraction and education facility.

Andrew Davies, executive director for Number 9 Gardens, said the idea sprang from he and his wife’s background in architecture and their passion for sustainability and helping out.

“What we’ve tried to do is create a space where people can learn how to grow food, learn how to cook that food, and then live in some off-the-grid structures and see what that experience is like,” he said.

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The facility boasts a sizeable garden in which it grows a variety of fruits and vegetables as well as acres of wetland and forestry that can be hiked and biked, kayaking space, and weekend workshops.

It even has yurts that can be reserved through AirBnb.

“Going back to that idea, how do I find out about living sustainably? Well, this is a place that you can come and experience that for a few days or maybe even a week if you want.,” said Davies.

Visitors can participate in off the grid “glamping”, workshops on sustainable living, picking their own vegetables and learning to cook from seed to table.

Number 9 Gardens has also hosted grade school students for sustainability workshops but the garden doesn’t just give back through education, it also services charitable endeavours too.

“We have four garden beds. We originally started with just one but we grow mostly (to donate), so we (give) to different meal-prep places as well as food banks in Kingston and the rural region here,” added Emily Pope, Manager at Number 9 Gardens.

Davies said the future involves expanding to include chickens, hosting more events and expanding its partnership with the office of indigenous initiatives at queen’s university.

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The near future is busy for the crew at Number 9.

On Saturday, Aug. 6, the crew are hosting an eco-art exhibition including eight art installations by various artists, all themed on sustainability. On Sept. 10, there’s the Cloud 9 Music festival, featuring eight electronic music DJs from across the country.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct the date of the Cloud 9 Music festival.

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