Driver allegedly travelling at 191 km/h stopped around Aurora, Ont., police say

The speed allegedly recorded by police.
The speed allegedly recorded by police. OPP/Twitter

Police around Aurora, Ont., say they stopped a car driving at 191 km/h on a highway who allegedly defended himself by saying he was “going with the flow of traffic.”

In a tweet, Ontario Provincial Police’s (OPP) highway safety division said the incident took place on Highway 404.

Officers with OPP’s Aurora detachment allegedly clocked the driver speeding in the high-occupancy lane of the highway, reserved for vehicles with multiple occupants, such as ride shares and public transit.

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Police said he was charged with stunt driving, not having insurance, failing to display two license plates and improper use of the HOV lane.

The driver faces a 30-day license suspension and a 14-day vehicle impound stay.

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