Premier John Horgan’s popularity sags as Liberals and NDP release attack ads

Click to play video: 'Poll indicates approval ratings for B.C. Premier John Horgan have dropped'
Poll indicates approval ratings for B.C. Premier John Horgan have dropped
Two new political attack ads may have you feeling like the province is in the middle of an election campaign. Legislative bureau chief Keith Baldrey has more on the interesting timing of the ads that come as a new poll indicates Premier John Horgan's approval rating has slipped – Jun 14, 2022

British Columbia Premier John Horgan’s popularity continues to be on a downward swing.

According to a poll released by the Angus Reid Institute on Tuesday, just under half of British Columbians approve of Horgan, the lowest approval measured for the BC NDP leader since before the COVID-19 pandemic.

In March 2020, Horgan hit a staggering 71 per cent approval but has now slid to 48 per cent, down seven points from three months ago.

Click to play video: 'Falcon takes aim at Horgan’s museum plan'
Falcon takes aim at Horgan’s museum plan

Even at 48 per cent, Horgan still only trails Nova Scotia premier Tim Houston and Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe in the bid to become Canada’s most popular first minister.

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“In addition to a growing debacle surrounding the near $1-billion plan to demolish and rebuild the Royal B.C. Museum, Horgan’s government was forced to defend a lack of funding for new school construction, a shortage of family doctors and overall being “out of touch” with regular British Columbians by opposition parties,” the report from the Angus Reid Institute reads.

“The problems – and more – keep piling up at the door of the premier’s office.”

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The BC Liberals are trying to capitalize on the withering popularity by releasing an attack ad on Tuesday.

The ad highlights the NDP’s record on affordability noting the province has the highest gas prices in North America, the highest rents in Canada, and the highest housing costs in North America.

“For five years, the NDP promised to make life more affordable for British Columbians. But all their promises are just talk. The reality is life is more expensive than ever before.” BC Liberal MLA Trevor Halford said.

“From gas to housing, to groceries, to rent, life under John Horgan’s unaffordable NDP is getting more and more expensive. British Columbians are working harder and harder to get ahead while falling further and further behind because of the NDP’s inaction.”

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On Monday, a day before the latest popularity numbers were released, the BC NDP went on the attack as well.

The party released a new ad highlighting BC Liberal Leader Kevin Falcon’s defence of housing speculators and his opposition to the Speculation and Vacancy Tax.

The satirical cartoon highlights Falcon’s background as a real estate executive and his opposition to BC NDP policies to curb speculation.

Click to play video: 'BC Liberals wrap 2022 convention, agree on party name change'
BC Liberals wrap 2022 convention, agree on party name change

Falcon has argued the tax does not target speculators and targets British Columbians who own cabins and secondary summer homes.

“Kevin Falcon’s record shows he will work for the richest one per cent while making life more expensive for everyone else,” BC NDP MLA Niki Sharma said.

“This ad is about showing that Falcon would help real estate speculators while driving up housing costs for average British Columbians.”


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