Squatters leave home at centre of Freeman-on-the-Land dispute

CALGARY- Late Friday night, police confirmed the six squatters that were still inside the Parkdale duplex at the centre of a controversial tenant dispute had left.

Early Friday morning, police arrested Andreas Pirelli, whose real name is Mario Antonacci, for outstanding warrants in relation to an alleged assault in Quebec.

Pirelli is a ‘Freeman-on-the-Land’ and came under fire after staking a claim on the duplex he was renting, changing the locks and refusing to leave.

Once a Canada-wide warrant was issued, Calgary Police were able to arrest Pirelli. However, a number of other people remained in the house and refused to leave.

An eviction notice stated that the house had to be vacated by Friday at midnight. Police say the remaining people inside the home left without trouble, before the deadline.

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One person who was in the northwest home was arrested on unrelated warrants without incident.

Michael Shane Hunt, 40, of Calgary, was arrested on several unrelated warrants, including obstruction, impersonation of a police officer and five Traffic Safety Act warrants.

Video: Arrested ‘Freeman’ Andreas Pirelli headed back to Quebec


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