Beaconsfield High School students thrift for war-torn Ukraine

Click to play video: 'Beaconsfield High School students helping war-torn Ukraine'
Beaconsfield High School students helping war-torn Ukraine
WATCH: Beaconsfield High School students witnessing the war in eastern Europe decided to spring into action this week, organizing a school fundraiser to help Ukrainians – Mar 11, 2022

Beaconsfield High School Students witnessing the war in eastern Europe sprang into action this week. In just four days the secondary five classes organized a school fundraiser to help Ukrainians.

“The fundraiser means a lot to me, just because I like giving back to my community and being a good person, but also my grandfather’s Ukrainian on my mom’s side,” said secondary five student Skylar Rokov.

She says she was one of the first students involved in organizing the fundraiser because it’s important she make her grandfather proud.

After brainstorming, students decided to set up a thrift store in the school art gallery.

“We came up with this as a class because we want to do something that could really engage students and thrift stores are really popular amongst teenagers nowadays,” said secondary five student Jenna Harris.

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Staff and students donated gently used clothing, books and accessories. During recess and lunch Friday, items were sold for $2 to $5.

“My mom was very happy when I told her this is what we were doing because I had a lot of old clothes that I was able to bring in, and I’m happy that they’re going towards something good,” said Beaconsfield High School student Juliette Arsenault.

According to teacher Adam Cox-Twardowski, any clothes not sold will be taken to a Ukrainian church on Saturday.

“As a teacher, couldn’t be more proud of my students,” he said of their efforts to create a fundraiser in less than a week.

As part of the initiative, frozen yogurt was sold Thursday and $1 popcorn on Friday. One hundred per cent of the proceeds are going to Bearers of Love International.

Sue and Mike Nardozza, the founders of Bearers of Love International, told Global News the war in Ukraine is “heartbreaking.”

The West Island couple started their humanitarian initiative 20 years ago helping orphans.

“We’re not even Ukrainian. We’re of Italian background, but we fell in love with the people there,” said Mike Nardozza.

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Now money raised for the non-profit is going towards buying carloads of supplies in Ukraine, while the couple run the non-profit from Montreal.

“(Our pastors) are buying food and medicine and the best of their abilities that they can in these conditions,” he said.

After Friday’s fundraiser at Beaconsfield High School, Bearers of Love International will have an additional $1,700 to feed Ukrainians.

“We just are so thankful for Beaconsfield High for what they’re doing,” said Mike.

Rokov said experiencing the solidarity her school offered to an issue close to her heart was uplifting.

“It’s nice to know that my school is filled with people that care,” she said.

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