SARM: Crime Watch seeks more volunteers to reduce crime in rural municipalities

SARM is calling out for volunteers in different RMs to join a crime reduction initiative where members banding together with the same goal of wanting a safe community. Dave Parsons / Global News

More volunteers are needed for a crime reduction initiative led by the Saskatchewan Association Rural Municipalities (SARM).

SARM president Ray Orb says rural municipal landowners have been keeping a watchful eye over their land for years because the risk of crime going unnoticed in remote areas is a reality they live with.

“So this idea of a Rural Crime Watch Association is exactly what we need for our residents,” stated Orb. “The only way we will find success with our recently established Saskatchewan Rural Crime Watch Association (SRCWA) is by members joining together to volunteer.”

SARM is urging for more participation from its 296 rural municipalities asking for volunteers to join local crime watch groups. This initiative was created to support rural municipalities across the province that have struggled with criminal activity for years.

“It’s as simple as taking a ride with a neighbor to check the land, watching for suspicious vehicles and activities while out in your yard, using a member call list or What’s App to report suspicious behavior in the neighborhood,” shares Tim Brodt, Saskatchewan Rural Crime Watch Association President.

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Criminal activity varies from theft of equipment and grain, vandalism, dumping of garbage, trespassing, break-and-enters, and cattle rustling.

“Rural municipalities have the opportunity to band together for a collective goal of community safety,” said Orb. “This is a long time coming and we are happy to see this collaboration working in our RMs. Stepping up and representing rural Saskatchewan won’t take up a lot of your time and it’s a necessity in preventing rural crime.”

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